Home Selling


Here at Superior Luxury Real Estate, we believe selling your home is a team effort. This is why we designed the seller incentive program. For every quarter we do not sell your home, we take 1% off our total commission amount. Call us today for your FREE consultation.

When it comes to selling your home where do you start? Do you hire a Realtor who is a referral? Do you hire a Realtor who has their picture on bus stop benches? Do you try to sell it yourself?

These decisions can be over whelming for anyone. The agent you select, will determine the end result of selling your home. You will either find a hardworking, knowledge sales agent or a nightmare. You can waste valuable time and money if you do not hire the correct agent.  

Let’s be honest, the bottom line in selling your home, is the market value asking price. Your agent should have a strong skill set of pricing your home based on  your location, size and price. The agent you hire should come with solid and true comps of homes in your area. The agent you hire should think outside the box, and offer a new way to sell your home. 
Call us today we offer free advise, comparable of other homes SOLD in the pass 180 days, and free staging advise.  We are waiting for you call.

Superior Seller Services include:

-A FREE home selling consultation

- Provide market value comps and negotiating room

- A breakdown of round about closing cost and assumptive net amount

- FREE home staging and curb appeal evaluation

-Public and Broker Open houses

-Virtual tours on selected homes

-Direct marketing in over 50 relocating websites



-Weekly showing reports and feedback

-Email Blast all Brokers

-Lenders to pre approve all buyer instantly

-No Commission until your property is SOLD!

We offer everything all real estate companies do for less! Why? Because we want to be your Realtors for life!